Desulfurization+Denitrification+Dust Removal Project

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Xinji Aosen Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD

265 Gas Power Generation Flue Gas

Desulfurization and

Denitrification Project

In order to better meet environmental requirements and respond to the national ultra-low emission policy guidelines, adhering to the concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets," and in accordance with the requirements of Document No. 128 issued by the Hebei Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on environmental emergency response in Hebei Province in 2022, Xinji Aosen Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. plans to implement desulfurization and denitrification measures for the flue gas of its 265 gas power generation, in accordance with the requirements stated in the notification for issuing the "Best technical guide of Hebei iron and steel industry environmental performance to Create Environmental Performance A-class ".

To address the environmental pollution caused by the by-products of sodium salts in the conventional soda-based desulfurization method, the project will adopt a calcium-based ultra-fine powder direct injection process as an alternative to the previous soda-based desulfurization method. This approach aims to completely solve the issue of sodium salt by-products and meet the process requirements for achieving environmental performance excellence (Grade A) in accordance with the environmental guidelines.

Furthermore, in the denitrification aspect, the project will make full use of the existing space in the boiler to minimize one-time investments. It will also utilize the temperature range of the flue gas to achieve optimal denitrification efficiency.

Company Profile

Since the beginning of its establishment, Shanghai Xuan Ding( is a subsidiary of Shanghai Prime Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. ) has been based on its traditional business (general contracting of furnace engineering), and at the same time has been fully engaged in the development and practice of environmental protection business. Its Furnace Division, Environmental Protection Division and Smelting Division have worked together closely to achieve the beneficial combination of process + environmental protection.

As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, Our company has the qualification of environmental protection special design class B and environmental protection engineering general contract.It also has by-product treatment qualification and its own environmental protection material production and processing base based on engineering technology company. Our company is an integrated solution provider, which can realize engineering projects + core environmental protection materials (calcium-based ultrafine powder) supply + by-product recovery (or closed-loop circulation) + operation and maintenance etc.




Quality Management System

Our complete quality management system, the process control covering from Scheme formulation, engineering technology, and detailed design, to processing and manufacturing of equipment and material, ex-factory test and site erection and commissioning till it is put into production, which through multi-level inspection, tour inspection, supervision, and node control can ensure quality of the final product.

Performance Parameter





Maximum fuel consumption



Flue gas design flow rate



Induced draft fan air volume

410,000m³/h Wind pressure 4700pa Motor power 800KW

For a single unit, two in total


Forced draft fan air volume

25,000m³/h Wind pressure 4600pa Motor power 250kw

For a single unit, two in total


Sulfur dioxide



Flue gas temperature


Air preheater outlet/Coal feed outlet


Oxygen content



Nitrogen oxides



Particulate matter



Emission indicator requirements and processes


Outlet SO2 concentration




Outlet particulate matter




Outlet NOx concentration




Ammonia leakage



Application Scenarios
Dust Remover
Dust Remover
Dust Remover
Dust Remover
Dust Remover
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Yes, our experienced engineers can design the reheating furnace according to the customer's existing production line to achieve as high efficiency as it could.

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