Industrial Centrifugal Fan

Product Description

01 Customized to Your Needs All our products are strictly made to order. 02 Multiple Styles Various industrial centrifugal fans available for non-standard customization. 03 Abundant Inventory, Timely Shipping A large quantity of our products are in stock, ensuring prompt delivery.

Product Application

Combustion Air Supply:

Furnaces typically require a large amount of oxygen to sustain the combustion process. Fans are used to deliver air into the furnace chamber, ensuring that the combustion process proceeds fully and efficiently.

Temperature Balancing:

Inside a heating furnace, temperature distribution is often uneven. Fans can be used to balance the temperature within the furnace, ensuring that products or raw materials receive even heating.

Exhaust Gas Emission:

Heating furnaces produce smoke and exhaust gases that need to be vented or treated. Fans are used to extract exhaust gases from the furnace chamber and transport them to pollution control devices or chimneys.

Cooling Systems:

Some heating furnaces need to maintain a specific temperature during operation to prevent overheating. Fans can drive cooling systems by introducing a cooling medium into the furnace chamber to maintain the required temperature.

Material Transport:

In certain industrial heating processes, raw materials or finished products need to be conveyed through the furnace chamber. Fans can be used to create airflow, aiding in the transportation of materials within the furnace.

Performance Parameter

Type: Supply Fan

Exhaust Fan Noise Level: 60-70

Voltage: 380

Ventilation Fan Type: Centrifugal Ventilation

Fan Material: Carbon Steel

Number of Blades: 10

Fan Pressure: Medium Pressure Fan

Airflow Direction: Centrifugal Fan

Impeller Head Material: Carbon Steel

Application Scenarios
    Product Categories
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Lime Kiln
  • Regenerator
  • Valve
  • Burner
  • Dust Remover
  • Furnace
  • Furnace Part
  • Furnace Material
  • Desulfurization&Denitrification
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Can your reheating furnaces be integrated with our existing production line?

Yes, our experienced engineers can design the reheating furnace according to the customer's existing production line to achieve as high efficiency as it could.

Can you provide references from previous customers?

Yes, we can provide related previous reference.

Can Shanghai Prime Tech provide installation and commissioning services?

We offer installation and commissioning services for our products, which can be provided through on-site dispatch or remote video assistance.

Can Shanghai Prime Tech provide customized solutions?

Yes, we can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


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