Two-stage Gas Producer (Wet Desulfurization)

Project Overview

T.SMART GLOVE NDONESIA) Malaysia siasmat gloves Co., Ltd The company has purchased one set of Φ3.2 two-stage coal gasifier (wet desulfurization) with a wet desulfurization system processing capacity of 6500 cubic meters per hour. This is intended for use with 28 hot air furnace burners for Line 7 of the latex glove production line and the production line's far-infrared stoves.

Two Stage Gasifier

Double-stage coal gasifier is specially designed for gasifying bituminous coal, by which light tar can be carbonized out of coal in pyrolysis section. The gas calorific value produced with this gasifier is higher than that of produced with CDIQ series and it has better environmental protection performance.

CD3Q Double-stage coal gasifier is classified int0 2 types on the basis of different structure of pyrolysis section: trellis type and integral type. Trellis type: Advantage: Carbonization section is divided into several cavitases by partition wall and heat of lower gas can be uniformly distributed to these cavitases; Convective, conductive and radiative heat transfer take place during carbonization and better heat transfer enhancement is realized. Sensitive heat of lower gas is efficiently used for coal carbonization and it is good for bituminous coal gasification. Disadvantages:Partition wall occupies some sectional area of carbonization, which makes coal storage lower. It is characterized by complicated structure, inconvenient maintenance and large investment. linteg ral type : Advantages: Big carbonization sectional area, big coal storage, slow coal bed lowering and long carbonization time. Simple structure, convenient maintenance and small investment. Convective heat transfer is a primary way during coal carbonization. Disadvantages: There is only one carbonization cavitas in carbonization is relatively poor, but coal has a long stay in this section, which can be helpful. section and coal carbonization

Performance Parameter
DescriptionUnit                                                          Specification of Coal Gasifier
Type CD3Q1.7CD3Q2.0CD3Q2.2CD3Q2.4CD3Q2.6CD3Q3.0CD3Q3.2CD3Q3.6
Hearth Diametermm17002000220024002600300032003600
Gasifying Agent                                                                           air/steam
Gas Calorific ValuekJ/Nm3                                                                             >6070
Gas OutputNm3/h1450-17502000-30003400-42003600-45004000-55005500-65006000-75007500-9000
Gas Calorific ValuekJ/Nm3                                                                             >6070
Load Capacityt6070788595110130150
Contour DimensionH1     m5.5              5.5                5.5                5.5                5.5                5.5                5.5               5.5 
Contour DimensionH2     m11.5            11.5               11.5               11.5              11.5               11.5              11.5              11.5
Contour DimensionH3     m14               14.5              14.5              14.5              15.3             15.3               15.3              15.8    


Application Scenarios
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
Gas Producer
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  • Regenerator
  • Valve
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  • Dust Remover
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