Heat Exchanger for Industrial Furnace
Heat Exchanger for Industrial Furnace

Heat Exchanger For Industrial Furnace


The preheater uses the waste heat of the flue gas discharged from the industrial furnace to heat the combustion-supporting air and gas fuel to increase the combustion temperature of the fuel, ensure the necessary furnace temperature, speed up the heating rate, save fuel and reduce the emission of flue gas.

The company and the design institute, on the basis of introducing and assimilating foreign high-efficiency waste heat recovery technology and conducting experimental research, produce and manufacture various types of preheater equipment mainly including steel pipe preheaters with inserts, and establish a computer optimization design calculation program based on the experimental research results. The optimization design calculation program can accurately and quickly complete the comparison of optimization schemes, and rationally select materials and scheme designs according to the optimization design parameters. The preheater designed and produced by our company has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient maintenance, high heat transfer coefficient, stable operation and long service life.

Product Parameters
Guarantee:One year guarantee
Working Principle: Hot flue gas preheats air or gas
Style:Tubular heat exchanger with spiral insert
Transportation Sea freight, etc.
Packaging:Iron packaging, to meet the transportation requirements at China and abroad.
Specifications: Various
Application Scenarios
Furnace Door
Furnace Door
Furnace Door
Furnace Door
High Alumina Brick
Water Sealing Groove
Furnace Door
Water Sealing Groove
Water Beam
    Product Categories
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Lime Kiln
  • Regenerator
  • Valve
  • Burner
  • Dust Remover
  • Furnace
  • Furnace Part
  • Furnace Material
  • Desulfurization&Denitrification
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Can your reheating furnaces be integrated with our existing production line?

Yes, our experienced engineers can design the reheating furnace according to the customer's existing production line to achieve as high efficiency as it could.

Can you provide references from previous customers?

Yes, we can provide related previous reference.

Can Shanghai Prime Tech provide installation and commissioning services?

We offer installation and commissioning services for our products, which can be provided through on-site dispatch or remote video assistance.

Can Shanghai Prime Tech provide customized solutions?

Yes, we can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


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