50TPH Indonesia Walking Beam Reheating Furnace

Project Details

Country: Indonesia

Client: JATIM company

Specification: 50T/H

General Description

The project owner is Indonesia JATIM company.
Technical Features:

The general contractor is one of Japanese companies, which are extremely strict and tough in the audit and approval of partners. Their audit process covers technical competence, project execution experience (especially overseas projects), and operation status of completed projects of the partners. As the proposer of 5S Standardized Management, the Japanese companies are particularly meticulous and comprehensive in process control, including management of engineering and procurement, selection of subcontractors, tour inspection and supervision during manufacturing of equipment/materials, and ex-factory inspection.

This project is executed smoothly and won recognition of the owner and the Japanese general contractor thanks to our standardized management in process control, which takes shape during our past completed projects.

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