12Ton Induction Furnace Dust Removal System for Platinum Steel

Project Details

Country: Pakistan

Client: Platinum Steel

Specification: 12Ton

General Description

This project is for 12ton induction furnace dust removal system and it is contracted and executed by Shanghai Prime Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd.
Technical Features:

Original flue gas is around 1100~1400℃ while after cold air dilution the flue gas at inlet of dust collector is less than 120℃.

The inlet of dust collector is provided with temperature control device and cold air dilution valve.

For 12ton induction furnace, discharge amount is around 40,000-50,000 Nm³/h, flue gas temperature is ≤120℃ and normally around 60-80℃ (assume flow under working conditions is 48,000-60,000 m³/h)

Induced draft fan adopts variable frequency motor for transmission, so as to save energy consumption.

During melting, the fan operates at low frequency (around 35 Hz) with an air volume of 40,000 m³/h; during tapping, the fan operates at high frequency (around 45 Hz) with an air volume of 60,000 m³/h.

Once the dust removal system is completed, the flue gas generated by furnaces can be properly handled, recovering around 200ton dust per year. Dust concentration at working position will be lower than 10 mg/N m³, reaching relevant labor hygiene standards; and flue gas capture efficiency will be over 95% and flue gas emission concentration will be no more than 50 mg/N m³, meeting national and local environmental conservation standards and gain excellent social and environmental benefits.

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