250TPH Indian Walking Beam Reheating Furnace

Project Details

Country: Indian

Client: Lloyds Company

Specification: 250T/H

General Description

This project is a φ3.2m one-stage hot gas gasifier executed by Shanghai Prime Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. on turnkey basis.
Technical Features:

Main body of gasifier: full water jacket structure can generate 0.08Mpa steam, which can be directly used as gasification agent;

Coal feeding mechanism: automatic coal feeding device, hydraulically-driven double bell sealing mechanism;

Ash-removing mechanism: hydraulically driven ratchet and pawl structure;

The project is an EPC project covering design, engineering, procurement, delivery, supervision for erection, commissioning and final trial operation. In actual gasifier operation, all performance make sure parameters have been achieved. The overall gasifier performance is satisfactory, and has generated marked economic benefits for the customer.

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