220T/H Taiwan Walking Beam Reheating Furnace

Project Details

Country: Taiwan, China

Client: Taiwan Shangcheng Steel


General Description

The reheating furnace is a walking beam type for slabs. The project is contracted by CNEG on turnkey basis and
executed by us, Shanghai Prime.
Technical Features:

The furnace is fired by natural gas through conventional combustion technology with recuperator to preheat combustion air. The furnace is provided with natural gas low Nox burners to ensure low Nox emission according to local environmental regulations.

To ensure temperature uniformity along the length of slabs, axial flow burners are used in furnace section 1,2,3 and 4, top flat-flame burners are used in section 5 and 6, and side combustion is adopted for section 7 and 8.

A complete set of new combustion control automation system is designed and installed to ensure fully automatic combustion control.

The furnace roof adopts plastic refractory while the walls use low cement castable.

The project is an EPC project covering design, engineering, procurement, delivery, erection, commissioning and final trial operation. In actual furnace operation, all performance guarantee parameters have achieved target values of capacity, unit consumption, scale loss, temperature uniformity and Nox emissions. The overall furnace performance is satisfactory, and has generated marked economic benefits for the customer.

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