Manual Ball Valve

Product Details

01 Drive Mode Turbo-driven, easy and effortless to open.

02 Precision Casting Valve Body The valve body is precision cast, subjected to secondary shot blasting treatment, and has a fine appearance with no sand holes.

03 Suitable Media Suitable for water, oil, steam, and other media.

Industrial Applications

Manual ball valves are commonly used in industrial process control systems to control the flow of liquids or gases. They can be used to stop fluid flow, regulate flow rates, or cut off fluid circulation.

Chemical Industry:

Manual ball valves are employed in the chemical industry to handle corrosive chemicals, hazardous substances, and other specialized media. They are often constructed with special materials and designs to resist corrosion and high temperatures.

Oil and Gas Industry:

Manual ball valves are widely used in the production, transportation, and processing of petroleum and natural gas to control fluid direction and pressure.

Wastewater Treatment:

Manual ball valves can be used in wastewater treatment plants to control and regulate the flow of wastewater to ensure effective treatment processes.

Water Treatment:

Manual ball valves are also commonly used in drinking water treatment, industrial water, and cooling water systems to control water flow and pressure.

Food and Pharmaceutical Industry:

In food and pharmaceutical production, manual ball valves are used to control the mixing, transport, and processing of liquid components.

Automotive Manufacturing:

Manual ball valves can be used in hydraulic systems within automotive manufacturing to control the flow of hydraulic fluid, such as in brake systems.

Heating, Ventilation.

Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems:

Manual ball valves are frequently used in HVAC systems in buildings to regulate the flow of hot water or cooling water.

Aerospace Industry:

In the aerospace sector, manual ball valves are employed to control fuel and hydraulic fluids, ensuring the proper operation of aircraft.

Product Description

Ball valves, globe valves, gate valves, check valves, filters and other valve series are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction engineering, water supply and other fields. And it has been recognized and praised by the majority of users. We adhere to the spirit of continuous innovation, hard work and advancing with the times, vigorously introduce equipment, scientific quality management system, and strive to build a valve brand. The company's integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Our company warmly welcome new and old customers to negotiate with high product quality and good after-sales service!

Company Profile

With decades of rapid development and accumulation, China has been perfect and mature on technology and management in various industrial areas, shaping a complete processing manufacturing industry with competitive price, well known for its excellent skill, high efficiency and hardworking team with qualification for personnel dispatching.

At the time of economic globalization, it is our consistent target and objective to integrate and export all kinds of technology, management mode, engineering project and manpower as per the actual requirement of our client With our own abundant technical strength, superior integration capability of technology and resources, well experienced of project implementation and management as basis and platform;
Let China go out to the world, and make the world know of China;

Our Team

Professional Technical Team
Prime is staffed with professional import & export team skilled with the practice of import and export business, including sea freight packing, logistics organization, L/C review, cargo booking, and customs clearance, L/C negotiation, double authentication of shipment documents, etc.
All above personnel are well experienced in the execution of projects in Southeast Asia and Middle East. 

Complete Procurement Mechanism
Our professional team of procurement offers strict management of supplier 's qualification inspection and selection, complete system of supplier listing, rating and elimination, to ensure the supplier is qualified and capable of implementing the project and supplied with product of high quality, and maintain a healthy and good condition of credibility, contract settlement and capital flow management.

Quality Management System
Our complete quality management system , the process control covering from Scheme formulation , engineering technology, detailed design, to processing and manufacturing of equipment and material , ex-factory test and site erection and commissioning till it put into production, which through multi-level inspection, tour inspection, supervision and node control can ensure quality of the final product.

Well Experienced
Executive team is abundant in experience of overseas project implementation with similar project working experiences, esp. experience in Southeast Asia, Middle East projects;

Product Parameters
Product Name :Stainless Steel Turbine Ball Valve
Drive Modes :Manual, Pneumatic, Electric
Model :Q341F-16P
Materials :Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Connection Type :Flange
Nominal Diameter :DN50-DN250 (mm)
Application Scenarios
Furnace Door
Water Sealing Groove
Water Sealing Groove
Furnace Door
High Alumina Brick
Furnace Door
Water Sealing Groove
Furnace Door
Water Sealing Groove
Water Sealing Groove
Water Sealing Groove
    Product Categories
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Lime Kiln
  • Regenerator
  • Valve
  • Burner
  • Dust Remover
  • Furnace
  • Furnace Part
  • Furnace Material
  • Desulfurization&Denitrification
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Can your reheating furnaces be integrated with our existing production line?

Yes, our experienced engineers can design the reheating furnace according to the customer's existing production line to achieve as high efficiency as it could.

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We offer installation and commissioning services for our products, which can be provided through on-site dispatch or remote video assistance.

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